We wish to say a few words to the people of Corpus Christi for them to meditate on. Did it ever occur to any of them that some day they are to be occupants of the tabernacle of the dead Did any of them, with this impression on their minds, ever visit Corpus Christ's graveyard? Has not the charms of life been lessened thereby, and death made more horrible
still? Does it not seem as though the respect for the body ceased at the gates of death? Do they not consider that the sacred ground, exposed as it is to the tramp of the beasts of the field, is a disgrace to this, and even would be to a half-civilized community? Yes, all this, and even more, are the meditation of many, and would be the conclusion of all upon an investigation.Now I the time and opportunity to have this stain and blot upon our
community rubbed. Out. All have an interest in the matter, which will, ultimately, prove lasting. No person would refuse to donate liberally towards raising a fund sufficient to make all necessary improvements in and about he graveyard. Let it be done. There is no fund in the county or city treasury for the consummation of such a work. We must look to
ourselves, as citizens; get some on to lead, and then crowd the matter to completion. Then we will have discharged a duty we owe the living, and a respect due the dead.

Source: Ranchero, April 14, 1860, Page 2 col. 2
Research: Michael A. Howell
Transcription: Geraldine D. McGloin

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