While talking reform we might as well call attention to the dastardly outrage committed by some ghoul upon the graves in the graveyard.  The desecration of these cherished spots seems to be the delight and regular business of some villain.  Fond hands adorned the graves of their beloved ones with choice plants and flowers but scarcely do they obtain root and grow before they are plucked from the graves and carried away.  A gentleman in this City tells us of an occurrence of this kind within the last few days.  The plants had been imported from New Orleans for the purpose.  Great care had been taken to have them grow before planting them in the graveyard, but not much sooner was this done than some miscreant despoiled the graves of their ornaments.  We hope the Council will take cognizance of these facts, and pass an ordinance attaching a severe penalty to this outrageous crime.  

Source: C. C. Daily Gazette, April 22, 1876, Page 4, col. 1

Rearch:  Msgr. Michael A. Howell
Transcription:  Geraldine D. McGloin

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