Edward Kilmer
Christian Heisselholdt
Julian Garza
Samuel McComb
James Downing
The Tombstones for the U. S. soldiers’ Graves Have Arrived


Through the instrumentality of Mr. E. J. Kilmer, member of the local G.A.R. Post, fourteen tombstones have arrived in Corpus Christi, to be placed at the head of the graves of the United States soldiers buried in the cemeteries of this city. These stones are each 3 feet high, 4 inches thick, and 10 inches wide.  Many of the soldiers whose graves they will mark were well-known citizens of Corpus Christi.


The following comprises the list of the honored dead over whose graves the tombstones will be placed next week, under the supervision of Mr. Kilmer: Patrick Farrell, First New Orleans Infantry, Company C, Died August 20, 1869;  Silvario Villegas, First Texas Cavalry, Company K, Died August 20, 1876;  Nicholas Gorgan, Seventh U. S. Infantry, Company I, Died January 7, 1856; Thomas H. Murray, First New Orleans Infantry, Company C, Died 1867;  Denis McCoy, Seventh U. S. Infantry, Company A, Died October 17, 1875; Wm. S. Shaw, Seventh U. S. Infantry, Company A, Died March 28, 1865; Patrick McCabe, Seventh U. S. Infantry Company I, Died May 4, 1875; Commissary Sergeant Samuel McComb, First New Orleans Volunteer Infantry, Company A, Died September 11, 1867; Andrew W. Hyndam _____ Infantry, Company B, Died September 4 186_; Christian F. Heisselholdt, Tenth U. S. Infantry, Company H, Died September 29, 1869; Lieut. James Downing, Thirty-sixth F. S. Colored Troop, Died April 28, 1891; Capt. Cesario Falcon, First Texas Cavalry Company K, Died June 18, 1888;  Julian Garza, First Texas Cavalry Company N, Died May 7, 1890; Narcisso Hernandez, First Texas Cavalry, Company I, Died July 1, 1891


Source: Corpus Christi Weekly Caller, May 19, 1893, p 6, col. 5

Research by:  Michael A. Howell

Transcription by:  Geraldine D. McGloin, Nueces County Historical Commission

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