George William Knight

Newport Isle of Wight

Oct. 27, 1851

Jan. 29, 1891




Maria Firmston

Mortlake, Surrey, England

June 8, 1856

Dec. 17, 1882

Corpus Christi



  London, England     

     Apr. 2, 1877     

    Jan. 21, 1884     

     Muriel Emily     

  Corpus Christi     

   Nov. 16, 1878     

   Sept. 12, 1879     


 Corpus Christi     

   July 4, 1881     

  Jan. 6, 1884     


  Corpus Christi     

    Nov. 19, 1882     

    Oct. 20, 1883     

     Benjamin G.     

   Corpus Christi      

    Dec. 22, 1879     

    Apr. 14, 1949     






Photo Credit:  Rosa G. Gonzales

1.  Death Notice

Provenance: Mrs. Nora Mew Johnston

2.  Photograph of older headstone

Photo Credit:  Rosa G. Gonzales

3.  Obituary


MEW – Died in Corpus Christi, Texas Dec. 17th, 1882 of puerperal fever, Mrs. Maria Mew, wife of G. W. K. Mew, who was born at Mortlake, Surrey, England, June 8, 1856.

This said death which occurred on last Sunday produced in our midst the greatest expressions of sympathy and sorrow for the suffering one who has gone to rest, the grief stricken husband, and the poor motherless children who are yet too young to realize their loss.  May the Great Ruler who orders all things for the best comfort and protect the afflicted.


Source: Unknown

Research by: Msgr. Michael A. Howell

Transcription by: Rosa G. Gonzales



In this City, Sunday, December 17th, Mrs. Maria Mew, born at Mortlake, Surrey, England, June 8, 1856.

The letter, below published from a Knight of Honor, at Laredo, to his brother in affliction in this City, contains words of most tender and feeling condolence upon the decease of a pure and true-hearted woman, who in all her relations in life, as kind and genial friend, as loving and soliciteus mother as affectionate, devoted wife filled the full measure of all duties and brightened the existence of all within the daily circle of her life.  In all these expressions of condolence, we most sincerely and sympathizingly unite.


Laredo, Dec. 2nd, 1882


DEAR FRIEND  - through the medium of the Free Press only yesterday I learned of your irreparable lamentable loss of your worthy, noble wife.  I feel for you with all the sympathy of a heart which grief has made sore in time past.  However full and free words of condolence may be I know they are little better than bitter mockery; they cannot fill the void or bring brightness to the desolate fireside and home circle, but I could not refrain from an effort to lessen if possible your overwhelming sorrow by a few words of consolation.  Remember in this hour of extreme affliction the pure principles of our worthy order, and may our Master give you strength to bear with fortitude and resignation His decree and act which has so suddenly darkened the horizon of your brightening future.


Yours in O.M.A.

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