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Hay, Fred M. Cemetery Interments in Corpus Christi and Surrounding Area


Photo Credit:  Rosa G. Gonzales

1.  Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1867


2.  Family record shows birth on July 4, 1858 in Nacogdoches, Texas and death on April 17,

    1878 in San Ygnacio, Texas.  He was the nephew of John Marks Moore; son of Nicholas

    Johnson Moore and Margaret Tallifers Moore.  Information provided by Larry Rettinger.


3.  Biography

According to the family record of the Moore family, Augustus Julian Moore was born in Madison County, Alabama in 1827. He is a son of William H. and Mary Garland (Marks) Moore. He is also a brother of John Marks Davenport Moore who is buried along with other relatives in Old Bayview Cemetery. Augustus Julian appears in the 1860 census of Texas in Nacogdoches County (1860 census, Nacogdoches County, page 119B). He is living with his older brother George Fleming Moore. George Fleming was a noted jurist who moved to Texas in 1846. Returning briefly to Alabama to marry Susan Spyker, he settled in Nacogdoches in 1856. After serving in the Confederacy during the Civil War, George Fleming Moore would serve as an associate judge on the Texas Supreme Court as early as 1862. He advanced to chief justice in 1866 and then after his removal by federal military authority during Reconstruction, he ultimately was appointed again to the Supreme Court in 1874 by the governor. Once more he advanced to the position of chief justice until his resignation in 1881. Besides Augustus Julian Moore, another Moore brother, Nicholas Johnson Moore, and his family are also found in Nacogdoches in the 1860 census (page 133A). His son Frederick B. Moore is also buried in Old Bayview because he was in south Texas visiting his uncle John Marks Moore and looking over some property when he was ambushed and killed by bandits. Augustus Julian Moore is listed in the 1860 census as a druggist clerk, and apparently he was fulfilling this service in south Texas when he died in 1867. The family record notes that he died in August of 1867 which was the time of the dreaded Yellow Fever epidemic. Joseph Almond, who lost family during the epidemic and who was himself sick for some time during that period, notes in his diary for August 19, 1867 that on that day the community lost Dr. E. T. Merriman “the last of our doctors” and A. De Ryee “the last of our Druggist”. He also notes that on August 19th another victim was “Augustus Moore (Druggist who came in from the country to De Ryee’s store)”. Augustus Julian Moore was only about 40 years old when he died like other members of the medical community while ministering to his fellow citizens in their time of great need.


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