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Bay View Cemetery Map, ca 1940





Unfortunately there are neither names nor dates to help in confirming the identity of these two individuals (or even verifying if they are a married couple). Moreover, the source cited to imply their burial in Old Bayview is no more than a cemetery map that may only indicate they had reserved places in the cemetery at one time. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Nichols died in Nueces County during the storm of 14 September 1919, but there is no known evidence that they were buried in Old Bayview Cemetery. The earliest known reference to a Nichols in the records of Nueces County notes the marriage of Mr. "Wm. A. Nichols" and "Mary Shearn" in August of 1852 before the Catholic priest Rev. Giraudon (Marriage Records of Nueces County, vol. A misc. on page 115). There is a Mary Nichols from Ireland living with an older woman, Mary "Sharin" also of Ireland, in the 1870 census records of Live Oak County (p. 368 with reference to Oakville). It may be that this is the same Mary "Shearn" who married Wm. A. Nichols and that she has moved in with relatives because her husband had died. This couple could certainly be candidates for burial in Old Bayview as Mr. Nichols would have died prior to 1870. Another "Mr. Nichols" mentioned in early papers (Corpus Christi Gazette of 14 June 1873) is the paymaster of the Tex-Mex railroad. However, there is too little evidence to show how long he or other family may have been in this area and if he could have been buried here. He appears to be the F. P. Nichols who is agent for the railroad and living in the San Diego area in 1880 (Ledger of 7-4-1880 page 3). There is also a "Joseph Nichols" who is referred to in a county document of 27 October 1874. But again there is no further known evidence regarding this person. A neice of Mrs. Fogg (buried in Old Bayview) is a Mrs. Margaret Nichols of Galveston (at the time of Mrs. Fogg's death) who is mentioned in the last will and testament of Mrs. Fogg. However, there is evidence that this person later married a Mr. George Roberts in Corpus Christi in Good Shepherd Church (9 October 1897). It may be that Mrs. Margaret Nichols and her first husband were buried in Old Bayview and listed under the same name. However, as there is no gravestone, it would seem to indicate that they had no children to see to the marking of their graves. Another early Nichols is H. F. Nichols (born circa 1850) who died 14 August 1909, but according to records and marker he was buried in "New" Bayview. Another old timer is Mrs. Anna B. Nichols (born circa 1832) who died 3 January 1917, but her family chose to bury her in the new private cemetery of Rose Hill which promised perpetual care (unlike the public cemeteries of Old and New Bayview). Finally, there are numerous members of a "Nichols" family who settled in the Robstown and Mathis areas, but this family appears to have come to south Texas early in the 20th century. These include Richard Nichols (1860-1924) and his descendents.



Research and transcription: Michael A. Howell (18 October 2007)

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