Confederate veteran


Interment source: 

Marie Blucher, Librarian, La Retama Public Library, ca. 1940

As cited in:

Marrow, Mary, Bay View Cemetery.  Corpus Christi: La Retama Public  Library, 1962.




This may in fact be one of multiple references to Capt. Matt Nolan, CSA. There is no stone or other reference to this burial other than the listing of Confederates buried in Old Bayview as remembered and recorded by some of the pioneers of the area who belonged to the Daughters of the Confederacy. In that list Matt Nolan is listed at least twice as “Capt. Nolan” and “Mat Nolan”. This may be a third listing of the same person. In references in articles regarding the killing of Matt Nolan both he and the man with him (J. C. McDonald) are at various times referred to as aka “MacFox” or “Fox”. One article states, “It appears that Nolan and Fox were walking.” Further is the reading, “Nolan in company with one Mt. Fox” (see Weekly State Gazette of Austin, 11 January 1865 page 1 and Caller-Times of 30 July 1961 page 16D col. 1-3). In an article regarding the old FitzSimmons house downtown, an old pioneer notes that the killing took place in front of that house and that Nolan was also known as “Fox”.

Research and transcription: Michael A. Howell (17 October 2007)



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