Our father

and brother

John S. Givens,

Born in

Morganfield, KY

May 2, 1836,

died in  


Photo Credit:  Rosa G. Gonzales


Death of John S. Givens, Esq.

The sudden death of Jno. S. Givens, esq., in this city Thursday night surprised and grieved his many friends more than words can tell.  He had been in bad health for some time, but was thought to be improving in the last eight or ten days.  On Thursday he was in his office and about town, and in the afternoon appeared before the city council with Mr. Delmas Givens as counsel for the butchers of this city in a case before that body.  He went home about sun-down, feeling somewhat unwell.  He sat up until about 11 o’clock, and was preparing to retire at that hour when he complained to his wife of feeling very bad.  She gave him a dose of paregoric, and turning to take a small dose herself as she was feeling unwell, when she was startled by hearing him breathe heavily.  She hurried to his side (he had lain down on the bed), and to her horror and grief found him dead.  His death was from apoplexy.  Mr. Givens suffered a stroke of partial paralysis several years ago from which he never fully recovered.  He came to Texas in young manhood, studied law in this State and for many years has been one of the leading lawyers of Texas.  For twenty-five years or more and to his death he was associated with Mr. Jno. S. McCampbell in the law profession.  He was an honest, upright and excellent gentleman, esteemed by all who knew him, loved and honored by his family and intimate friends, to whom the sympathies of the entire city go in their sad bereavement.  He leaves a wife and three children.  His funeral took place from the Episcopal church at 4:30 p.m. Friday, and was largely attended by friends and acquaintances.  The district court, in session at San Diego, adjourned in respect to his memory, and a special train left that place at 1 p.m. Friday, bringing Mr. Jno. S. McCampbell and other members of the bar to his funeral.
Corpus Christi Caller, 22 January 1887, page 5, col. 2

(Note that there is also a long sermon that was given on Sunday 30 January 1887 by Rev. Dr. Clark to honor Mr. Givens.  This sermon was printed in full in the Caller of 5 February 1887 on page 1, cols. 4-6).

Research and transcript: Michael A. Howell 

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