George William Knight

Newport Isle of Wight

Oct. 27, 1851

Jan. 29, 1891




Maria Firmston

Mortlake, Surrey, England

June 8, 1856

Dec. 17, 1882

Corpus Christi



  London, England     

     Apr. 2, 1877     

    Jan. 21, 1884     

     Muriel Emily     

  Corpus Christi     

   Nov. 16, 1878     

   Sept. 12, 1879     


 Corpus Christi     

   July 4, 1881     

  Jan. 6, 1884     


  Corpus Christi     

    Nov. 19, 1882     

    Oct. 20, 1883     

     Benjamin G.     

   Corpus Christi      

    Dec. 22, 1879     

    Apr. 14, 1949     






Photo Credit:  Rosa G. Gonzales



Muriel Emily Mew

(16 November 1878 – 12 September 1879)


Little Muriel is the daughter of George Wm. Knight Mew (1851 – 1891) and Maria Firmston Mew (1850 – 1882).  Her father George was a native of the Isle of Wight and brought the family to Corpus Christi in the 1870s.  He worked with the railroads, especially the Mexican National in Mexico.  He died while in Beaumont inspecting the books of the Texas Tram and Lumber Company.  Maria Firmston Mew was a native of Mortlake, Surrey, England who accompanied her husband and children to whatever locations was demanded by Mr. Mew's work (including a number of years in Mexico).  One child actually died while the family was in Mexico.  Life must have been difficult for George and Maria as they lost four children before any of the little ones reached the age of ten.  Muriel Emily was the second of those children born.  Muriel was born in 1878 and died less than a year old the following September.  Her sister Maude was older—born in 1877, but dying less than 7 years old in 1884.  Little Ada was born in 1881 and was less than 3 years old when she died about 2 weeks before Maude in January of 1884.  Their brother Tom was an infant less than a year old when he died in 1883.  All these four little ones rest with their parents in Old Bayview Cemetery.


Research and transcription: Michael A. Howell

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