Samuel E. Died 1889

Malvina Died 1910

Sammie I. Died 1900

James Died 1867


Photo Credit: Rosa G. Gonzales


This person’s name and death date are on the one stone that marks the remains of Sammie E. and Malvina Moore who were early members of the African-American community in Corpus Christi. Both Malvina and Sammie had been slaves prior to the Civil War. Malvina served the family of Forbes Britton, and Sammie E. Moore was one of the slaves that served the family of John Marks Davenport Moore (who also is buried in Old Bayview Cemetery). It is unclear initially how Sammie I. Moore is related as Malvina reports in the 1900 census that she has only had one child—this would be Annie Moore Schwein. While the old death records of Corpus Christi begin in 1884 and the burial records of the Bayview Cemetery Association begin about 1897 (and go to 1913), neither of these early records mention a Sammie I. Moore who died in 1900. It may be that Sammie I. Moore is a nephew of Sammie E. and Malvina Moore. However, no such connection has been confirmed.


Research and transcription: Michael A. Howell

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