S. Newman




Photo Credit:  Rosa G. Gonzales



Julia is buried along with other members of the Newman family in Old Bayview with one headstone that provides their names and separate footstones that have only the initials of their names' inscribed.  Julia is listed with her brother (S. Newman) and sister (Ellen Newman) on the side of the pillar stone.  The Newman family members are part of the African-American community that appears in records of Nueces County immediately after the Civil War.  The exact dates of Julia's birth and death are not verifiable at present.  She is listed in the 1870 census (p. 169) as born in Texas about 1866.  However, in this record her parents are reported as 77 years old (her father Henry) and 78 years old (her mother Fannie).  This would be quite a feat.  In the 1880 census (p. 18A), Julia is listed as born in Texas, but about 1863.  Moreover, in this census her mother is reported as only 60 years old (since the 1870 census she would have lost 18 years rather than gained 10 years).  However, in both census records she is the youngest child, about 2 years younger than her sister Emily/Emma who is also buried in Old Bayview Cemetery.  In the 1880 census Julia gives her occupation as laundress along with her older sister.  Presumably she died like her mother and brother Samuel prior to 1900 as none of them are listed in that census record.


Research and transcription: Michael A. Howell

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